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The Journey Begins With One Step
The journey of recovery begins with just one step, and people who want to get better can come to the 1000 Steps area to change their life. The people who come to this place will find that the fresh air helps them refresh their soul, and they will be far away from...

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Orange County Drug Epidemic

There are millions of people who suffer from the drug crisis globally. The state of California has one of the highest populations for drug addiction. In hopes to monitor the situation, over $50 million in grant money has been given to the state. In the year 2015 the...

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Opiate Addiction

Opiate refers to any drug that is derived from opium poppy and is used to relieve acute pain. The drug can be in synthetic or natural form. Opiate can cause severe side effects and in some cases causes dangerous addiction. Opioids are prescribed with the aim of creating pain r...

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Anaheim CA Program Sends People To Recovery Instead of Jail

The city of Anaheim, CA launched a program to help people whom are struggling with addiction avoid jail time. Through it's Drug Free Anaheim program, people are whom are struggling with addiction can go to the police for referral to ...

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The Power Is Within You!

People all over Southern California are spending thousands of dollars on luxury rehab centers and counseling sessions yet a majority of them are still unable to endure long term sobriety.

In one commonly cited study, researchers followed addict for a number of year...

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If you've been dealing with a drinking problem in Orange County, you aren't alone. Admitting that you have a problem can be an overwhelming experience, but it's one of the first steps in moving toward recovery. Once you admit you have a problem, you'll be able to start looking for the help you ne...

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Never a dull moment at Coastline Behavioral Health! Today we welcomed #ZaneHelberg (visit www.laughtoliveproject.org to find out more about Zane) to our office for a comedy day that our clients loved! It was a great opportunity for us all to let our hair down and laugh at him, ourselves and life!...

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The drug epidemic in our nation transcends all demographics. Addiction does not discriminate. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, Man or Woman, Young or old. Race doesn't matter. No one is safe from it's clutches!

Coastline Behavioral Health provides women with safe women-only rehab fa...

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Teen Drug Abuse

Many teens will experiment with drugs. This does not mean they will become an addict. Some teens will “try something new” just to impress their peers and then never do it again.

Common reasons teens abuse drugs include:
Peer pressure
Emotional struggles...

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Men's Rehabilitation

  • Inpatient

    For individuals suffering from substance abuse,inpatient drug rehab programs offer treatment for detoxification and drug addiction recovery programs. Inpatient drug rehab requires the client to live at the rehab center while participating in all therapies and activities. All medical care, including physical and psychological, will be available 24 hours a day.
  • Outpatient

    Many inquire as to the differences between different rehab programs and are often surprised to learn about the effectiveness of our Outpatient Rehab Centers. Outpatient Addiction Treatment is a rehabilitation program that is designed to address an individual’s addiction, uncover co-occurring issues, and provide psychological and emotional support. This will often include individual and group therapy, as well as family sessions.The frequency and intensity of the treatment plan at one of our Outpatient Treatment Centers depends on a few factors. The severity of the drug use and the length of time spent addicted will help therapists determine the suitability of outpatient treatments and formulate a long-term treatment plan. Before entering one of our programs, clients will have completed a drug detox program. Once completed, the next phase of recovery begins, either Inpatient Rehab , Outpatient or Intensive Outpatient Treatment.
  • Intensive Outpatient

    An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP rehab) is different from inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab gives individuals needing addiction treatment the ability to live at home, or at sober living facilities while undergoing drug and alcohol rehab services. Some clients begin their drug rehabilitation with an Intensive Outpatient Program, but most transition into IOP rehab following their inpatient drug rehab stay. Choosing to continue recovery in an intensive outpatient program gives recovering addicts the space to build more control over their triggers and may work to decrease the risk of drug relapse.
  • Luxury Rehab

    Luxury rehab in Huntington Beach offers clients drug and alcohol treatment in upscale, resort properties. Most luxury rehab programs give inpatient drug rehab clients access to private rooms, custom menus, and other desirable amenities. One advantage to luxury inpatient rehab is the ability to completely customize certain program activities, allowing each individual to participate in different therapy options that best fit their needs at the time. Quite often, luxury rehab facilities have beautiful grounds with opportunities for relaxing and unwinding when time allows.
  • Executive Rehab

    Executive rehab programs offer professionals access to drug addiction recovery while allowing them to continue to engage in work and personal lives. For many high power executives, substance abuse programs that require complete disconnection from their jobs is a deterrent for seeking help. Addiction rehab that allows executives to regain control of their lives while receiving the drug rehabilitation they need and desire is in high demand.Individuals seeking executive rehab are usually part of a high-profile population and require inpatient rehab away from the public eye. Our drug rehab centers in Newport Beach & Huntington Beach provide total discretion while meeting the client’s high standards and drug treatment needs. Executive rehab is designed to provide influential clients with access to opiate detox and alcoholism treatment in safe, secure environments designed to allow productivity and healing.
  • Detox

    For all entering our drug and alcohol detox program, our focus is on the patient first. Every man should be comfortable and surrounded by support staff who work hard to lead them through our successful detox process. The first step that must take place for true addiction recovery to begin is the individual’s willingness to accept the help offered. We understand drug and alcohol detox personally as many of our staff have gone through residential drug detox programs. As a result, we have compassion for our clients and seek to support each individual while they are going through the detoxification process in our facility.

Women's Rehabilitation

  • Detox

    Women’s drug addiction detox, or drug detoxification, is the first step in Coastline’s drug addiction treatment program. Detox from alcohol or drugs is associated with some unpleasant side effects, and should be attempted under the direction of professionals. Our women’s detox center provides clients with a safe and secure site in which to undergo drug detoxification before beginning a women’s inpatient rehab program. When abstaining from substances such as heroin and opiates, the withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe. The first stage of drug addiction detox is stabilization. Women dealing with long-term addictions to prescription medications or benzos need a period of stabilization in order to deal with the drug detoxification process. Drug addiction is a disease with physical and psychological components. The intense cravings associated with drug addiction detox can be unmanageable without pharmacological aid.
  • Inpatient

    Coastline offers women’s inpatient drug rehab to support addiction recovery in a safe, secure environment. The emotional and psychological needs of women are special and should to be protected, especially during any type of drug treatment program. The women’s inpatient rehab program at Coastline was carefully developed too address these needs and provide real treatment and therapies for women seeing sobriety. Our inpatient drug rehab in Orange County helps women receive intensive counseling while addressing each individuals specific drug addiction history.
  • Outpatient

    Coastline Women’s outpatient rehab program is designed to meet the needs of women seeking effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Women’s outpatient rehab is considered a step down program that gives clients access to all the therapies and activities that our women’s inpatient rehab program offers, with the flexibility to live offsite.Sometimes referred to as Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), our women’s outpatient rehab allow women well on their way to recovery more flexibility that inpatient programs do. Part of the process outlined in our outpatient care plans is the integration of family life and drug treatment. Each women in our program has unique lifestyle needs and requirements. Our women’s drug counselors work hard to address each patient’s addiction treatment needs on an individual basis.
  • Transitional Living

    Every woman has a unique story they bring with them on their journey to recovery. Some have experienced relapses, abuse and trauma so they may have negative self-views and may struggle with trust. These experiences are the very foundation for our approach to treatment and our transitional living program designed specifically for women. When entering our ‘home’, we treat everyone with respect and dignity to provide a safe, warm and inclusive environment that fosters healing, builds rapport and strengthens personal growth.
  • Support Groups

    When looking at the risk factors for relapse, regular involvement in support groups such as 12-step groups greatly increases the likelihood of continued sobriety. There are many types of recovery groups such Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA), Heroin Anonymous (HA), Crystal Meth Anonymous (CMA), Marijuana Anonymous (MA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Pills Anonymous (PA). Meeting locations and times are available online.


3 weeks ago
Id honestly give them 10 stars if I could. My friend stayed with them after detox and loved their experiential program. It made the world of difference to her. She was originally going into Outpatient Treatment elsewhere but after family intervention she entered Coastline’s IOP program. Still in early days of her recovery but the signs are good after almost 4 months.. so thankful to have my friend back.. :)
2 weeks ago
A drug rehab center search can take you to many places, we looked at so many rehabs when scouring the web for what are considered to be the best rehabs in California. Beware who you speak with that's all I can say. I found an article talking about LegitScript and the checks that are now in place to make sure only legitimate business advertise online. I used this as a good "quality control" when doing my research, it made sense to start with something as simple as that and I can tell you that narrowed the field considerably. Next I looked at accomodation and the "feel" the website gave me before I decided to make the call. Happy to report that from the moment I picked up the phone I knew I had found the right place to help the person I was searching to help. Not sure? I can only say give them a call and you will see what I mean.
- Cynthia J
2 months ago
My son had been in multiple OC rehabs with varying levels of success. He struggled hard because in addition to substance abuse he has mental health issues that require medication. The sober living houses that he was living in before Coastline did not help with medication management. Coastline not only had a top notch clinical program but it is linked with their sober living houses which was key for my son. The wrap around services which included medication at the house were exactly what he needed to reach full success. After a year and a half he has returned home and there is hope for him and our family. The 5 mos he spent at Coastline were a huge part of his success. Shout outs to Gary, Emerson and Jenn for helping B sort things out. Your support was necessary and appreciated.
- Kathleen h

What Makes Us Different?

We are here to help! This is our message to you!

Before we explain a little about what we offer, we are we want you to get to know us a little first. We understand there are many options when it comes to finding a suitable rehab and the complexities with matching your needs and personal situation can be daunting. 

How do you know which addiction treatment center in Huntington Beach is legitimate and which just want your money?

During your initial call with us we will provide you with the options available to you,based on your SPECIFIC circumstances. Our owners, as former addicts, know what you are going through which is why the company mission is to help everyone who makes contact with us in their search for the help they so desperately need.

We might not be the best match for you and if this is the case we will not leave your side. We will direct you to reputable organizations who we KNOW will help you. We won't leave you at that point either. Whatever you need, we are just a phone call away.

Drug Rehab Centers In Huntington Beach 
We have multiple gender-specific luxury rehab facilities in and around Huntington Beach. 

We believe in a holistic approach to drug and alcohol rehab and at the very core of your addiction treatment is our Experiential Therapy program.

Our website covers everything you need to know about each recovery program:

  • Inpatient Alcohol & Drug Rehab
  • Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)
  • Luxury Rehab
  • Executive Rehab
  • Drug and Alcohol Detox

Highlights of our hugely successful Experiential Therapy include:

  • Surfing
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Sandplay (women)

Our Head Office and Admissions Info:

Coastline Behavioral Health - Orange County
18377 Beach Boulevard, #210
Huntington Beach
CA 92648
Tel: 714-841-2260

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